A Secure, Scalable Trust-Based Personal Data Blockchain For the World

The RelateID Mission

To coordinate the effort of the members of our community by promoting and supporting RelateID base-layer research, development, and education to enable individuals to reclaim their identity.


At the RelateID Foundation, we believe that everyone, regardless of wealth, nationality, or status, should be able to control their own identity.


A universal sovereign identity is achievable in the digital age.


RelateID can verify a person’s identity without central authority or third-party validations, enabling individuals and entities to safely store, organize, access, and transfer data and assets.

The Team

Jeremy Harkness

Founder / Innovation Leader

Technical innovator and inventor with over 20 years experience in hardware and software R&D, resulting in bringing new products to market predominantly in the IT sector.

Theresa Gusman

Co-founder / Executive Director

Over 20 years experience in a series of leadership roles at Deutsche Bank including, Chief Knowledge Officer, Global Head of Equities, Global Head of Commodities. Served on the Global Executive Committee.

Martin Passante III

Co-founder / CIO

Industry experience in data protection as well as advising blockchain startups through the Brooklyn Law School’s Incubator and Policy Clinic. Currently at law school focusing on cybersecurity, data protection and intellectual property.

Rhys Parry

Co-founder / Chief Architect

Architectural thought leader with 20 years of experience focused on both new and emerging trends in software. Deviser of software methodologies for mid to large scale enterprises.

Nerys Parry

Content Strategist

Storyteller, award-winning author, and engineer with 20 years experience bridging science and communications to generate creative content that moves hearts and minds.

Eunice Harkness

Media Manager

Technical Lead with a background in software integration and quality assurance in the online gaming industry, as well as extensive experience in UI design and digital marketing.

You only have one identity. Own it.

All you need to know about RelateID

RelateID is an agnostic, global, self-sovereign identity-centric blockchain that eliminates third-party verification and empowers developers to produce decentralized applications that interact with self-sovereign individuals on the individual’s terms.

Why you choose us?

RelateID aims to serve individuals, businesses, and the world.


Identity verification is the first step toward economic empowerment and equal opportunity. RelateID returns power over your identity to you by giving you control over who accesses what private information, and for how long.


From small not-for-profits to global firms, RelateID enables entities to verify people’s identities without requiring these businesses to manage people’s personal information, greatly reducing the risk of this data being breached—and the heavy costs of secure data storage and security breaches.

The World

The RelateID Foundation’s anti-hoarding strategy ensures a decentralized, democratic platform that operates independently of any individual or organization. Anyone, from a single refugee to an international bank, can readily access and scale RelateID securely and without encountering insurmountable financial or technological barriers.

RelateID is Sustainable

While many have proposed various solutions aimed at managing identities through blockchain, concerns around energy consumption, consolidation of power, and fraud-prevention remain unresolved. RelateID’s unique agnostic global identity-centric blockchain solution serves to deliver self-sovereign ownership of one’s identity, it also aims to do so in a way that is more secure, less energy intensive, and faster than existing blockchain solutions.


Individuals and entities can still safely conduct business, secure in the knowledge that they are interacting with “real” people or organizations.


RelateID’s approach significantly reduces time and energy required to achieve consensus by incorporating significantly faster block times, larger transaction volumes and storage capacity.


Boasting a throughput of between 20 and 200 thousand transactions per second, and confirmation times as low as 1.5 seconds, the RelateID blockchain is more than just fast.

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The Nitty Gritty

Interested in helping us build RelateID? Check out our github and contact our founders.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect the team to announce the members of our advisory board, new partnerships, technical developments, and opportunities for community input. We will also be releasing several position papers and blog posts that explain the principles of our team and how we approach distributed ledger technology.

Email: info@relateid.com
Twitter: @relate_id
Instagram: @relate_id